Top 20 Tips For Building A Business from Successful Entrepreneurs

  1. they’re most interested in, and then running a pilot to test demand and ensure you’re providing information that’s relevant and important to them. That will put you on track to create a product people actually want.” Dorie Clark dorieclark.com Survey your audience to find out what they’re interested in.
  2. 3. “Money follows momentum, not perfection. That means that you don’t really need your website perfect and that your course also doesn’t need to be perfect. I’ve re-recorded our core product six times since it’s start in May 2015. Just get started and get sales, that’s the most important part at the beginning.” Scott Oldford scottoldford.com Don’t try to create a perfect product right way. Just get started and get sales.
  3. 4. “… instead of focusing on adding to your email list or growing your social media audience, focus on creating new content for the people you’ve already attracted. What new product or program do they need next?” Amy Porterfield amyporterfield.com Look for ways to better serve your existing audience and customers.
  4. 5. “I do not subscribe to the theory of build it and they will come. I want to know what they want, and that’s what I’m going to build.” JJ Virgin jjvirgin.com Find out what your market wants and build it for them.
  5. 6. “Nobody is ever really perfect. You have to at some point decide this is what I’m going to roll with, and then tweak based on feedback. You don’t want to wait until you’re perfect because other people are launching. You want to launch, and you get that initial feedback, and you change and you tweak.” James Altucher jamesaltucher.com Use feedback from your customers to change and improve.
  6. 7. “I think that I have grown such a strong following not only because I create good, logical, content, but I have created a trusted brand that is uplifting, but also fun.” Dana Malstaff boss-mom.com Use Facebook Groups to build a community around your business.
  7. 8. “People will vote with their credit card. If they don’t actually put money down, the idea isn’t validated yet.” Michael O’Neal solopreneurhour.com Until you get a sale, your idea isn’t validated yet.
  8. 9. “A great brand starts with understanding who you are and what you stand for, understanding your marketplace, and understanding your positioning. What is the perception that you need to create in order to appeal to your target audience?” Re Perez brandingforthepeople.com Branding is the perception you create in the marketplace to appeal to your target audience.
  9. 10. “Care a lot about your community and be consistent and create content on a regular basis that’s going to help people, and you will build a tribe of people that are so ready and willing to become customers of yours for life.” Sunny Lenarduzzi sunnylenarduzzi.com Show your audience that you truly care about them
  10. 11. “You don’t have to appeal to every single person, but if there is somebody or a small group of people that really believe in the content you’re sharing and they find value in it, if you’re actually serving the aspirations that they have, then they will share that with others, they will make that a part of their life.” Adam Braun adambraun.com Build your platform but don’t try to appeal to everyone.
  11. 12. “… if you want to develop connections with a tribe, engagement with a tribe, people who really understand you and your message, you need to open up and share your story.” Alexi Panos alexipanos.com Don’t be afraid to share your personal story. Being open and vulnerable helps create stronger connections with others.
  12. 13. “You’re not supposed to market and get people to understand the value of what you have. You market so that people understand that you know how they feel.” Mark Lack shortenthegap.com The best way to market your business is to show your target audience that you understand them.
  13. 14. “I grew my list during my launch by running Facebook ads directly to a webinar landing page. I ran the webinars almost daily. I reinvested the sales from the webinar I ran on Day 1 right back into more ad spend on Day 2. I was able to quickly ramp up my marketing and grow my list during my first launch.” Jeanine Blackwell jeanineblackwell.com Reinvest your revenue back into your business to reach more people and scale faster.
  14. 15. “Do not be afraid of competition. Their very existence validates that there is demand for the problem you’re trying to solve or for a solution to it. So look for that competition.” Greg Smith thinkific.com Competition is a good thing. It proves that there is demand for what you offer.
  15. 16. “It’s incredibly important that you have some kind of a mechanism to turn the attention that you’re getting through your media interviews into leads and sales.” Esther Kiss borntoinfluence.com Use media exposure to build your list and increase your sales.
  16. 17. “Start with 1 or 2 main channels of communication and publishing where you can be sending people. Experiment with other touch points that you know people are using…Keep it simple and always be sending people back to the main channels.” Anne Samoilov annesamoilov.com Don’t try to use every marketing channel from the beginning. Start with 1 or 2 and experiment with others as your business grows.
  17. 18. “We’re not in this business to just get people to buy our stuff. We want them to see the change and the impact and create the success stories.” Nick Unsworth nickunsworth.com Don’t just focus on getting the sale. Focus on helping your customers succeed.
  18. 19. ”Ask more questions, always. Assess whether “the one method” people are telling you is the only way to go, even makes sense for you and your topic or audience. I’ve found more engaged audience members, and more sales waiting on the other side of ignoring traditional advice and focusing on key questions about what my audience needs than through re-creating systems that others have used.” Regina Anaejionu byregina.com Just because something works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you. Ask more questions, always.
  19. 20. “The way you multiply time is by spending time on things today that give you more time tomorrow” Rory Vaden southwesternconsulting.com Invest your time creating systems to help your business run without you.

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